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Family Guy: Blue Harvest

2008-02-29 04:09:39 by ismellarat

I'm sure you've all heard of it. This is an animated movie by Seth McFarlane, parodying Star Wars: Episode 4: A New Hope, with memorable characters from the animated series: Family Guy (way to point out the obvious). After the last Family Guy movie (Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story) which was actually 3 episodes tacked together, and a disgrace to the series, and one of the biggest dissapointments of my life; I had my doubts.

The plot of the movie is the exact plot of Star Wars 4. Princess Leia has stolen plans for a gigantic battle station, and when boarded by Darth Vader, she jetisons them down to a farmboy named Luke Skywalker. The boy meats Obi Wan Kenobi, and when his aunty and uncle are killed he learns the ways of the Force, joins the rebellion and eventually destroys the Death Star. Seemingly saving the universe.
This raises the main problem with the movie, it follows the movie WAY TOO MUCH. Most of the dialogue is the same, and much of it is used shot for shot. If I wanted to watch Star Wars, I would watch Star Wars. I wanted to see family guy, and while it occasionally throws in the random tongue in cheek humour that the series is known for, it really just felt like a duplicate with Family Guy characters, rather than a parody.

Speaking of the Family Guy characters, the cast seem to fit perfectly. Peter plays Han Solo, Brian is Chewbacca, Chris is Luke, Lois is Liea, Herbert is Obi Wan, Quagmire is C3PO, Cleveland is R2D2 and Stewie is Darth Vader. On top of this they throw in mant cameos from the series such as the Evil Monkey, and even an American Dad reference, with Roger the alien at the Mos Eisley Cantina. It is nice to see these faces, but sometimes they feal tacked on in a ploy to make the movie seem more unique.

My second biggest problem with the movie is that it was too short. The whole movie went for about 45 minutes, making it only about 2 episodes. This makes it shorter than the original Family Guy movie, and even shorter than the Simpsons Movie, which went for about 70 minutes. This was disspointing, and made the $30 price tag a little hard to justify. At least they threw in a bonus episode in the special features.

The movie was well presented, with crisp animation, detailed drawings, and constant use of Cel Shading on things like the Millenium Falcon etc. The music however, was all recycled from the Star Wars films. They poke fun at this at least, when Luke turns around to see John Williams and the London Symphony Orchestra playing.

All in all, the movie was way better than the first Family Guy movie, but that isn't saying much; as that movie sucked donkey dick. However, it wasn't really that funny and with the 45 minute running time, it ins't worth the $30. I suggest hiring it instead, as you could watch the movie and all the special features (of which include an interview where George Lucas plugs Family Guy and swears :3) in less than a night.

Family Guy: Blue Harvest


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2008-02-29 05:31:15

It's funny some of the things you point out. "It's too short". It's technically not a movie, it's just a double length episode. Shows do that from time to time. If they dragged it out to 1 and 1/2 hours, it'd be even more like the original, I enjoyed MacFarlane's take on Star Wars 4. I've heard they're planning to tribute/parody episodes 5 and 6 too. I think they did a really good job with this episode, and the first movie was also pretty decent, but if you go through and watch the Family Guy series, season 1 through 6, you'll find that the plot development and humour has increased a lot.
Just enjoy the damn episode and stop analysing junk. =P


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