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Entry #1

Ok gang...

2007-11-15 03:06:16 by ismellarat

Lets split up and search for clues!

Ok gang...


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2007-11-21 14:01:25

Jinkeys! Zoinks! Scooby doobey doo!

ismellarat responds:

Like, was that you Scoob?!!!!


2007-11-25 11:22:41

Will you do it for TWO scooby snacks?


2007-12-27 01:12:36



2007-12-28 10:56:58

I have always wondered why that weirdo in the green shirt ate dog biscuits


2008-01-02 22:15:35

In response to Swordkill...cause he was stone out of his gourd


2008-01-05 00:05:26

Ha ha, pretty funny, faggot... ;D


2008-02-27 02:31:05

Freddie: Let's split up and search for clues!

Translation: Shaggy you go smoke pot and blow it in Scooby's Face (Makes you wonder why they're always hungry) while Daphne and I go have hot sex while Velma masterbates to us.

ismellarat responds:

Velma she-faps with her dykey tools of pleasure, while daphne takes it in every hole from the villains etc. and Freddy blows off a stoned Shaggy. Seriously, no straight man wears a pink scarf, let alone the blonde perm and cartigan, and he never takes Daphne's advances; faggot alarm!


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